Bellezza Espressomaschinen GmbH

interpreted by
German engineers.

Bellezza Espresso –
Quality and Beauty combined.

Uniquely efficient espresso machines, constructed from high quality components, with great attention to detail and ideated by German engineers.
As a coffee machine manufacturer from Heidelberg, all our high-end espresso machines are developed from scratch by our German engineers. These machines do not just satisfy the high expectations of baristas – they exceed them. It is our goal to provide an espresso machine and brewing experience without equal.

Quality Manufacturing

The quality of our products is our highest priority. Every weld is hand drawn and polished. Every part is meticulously tested and certified. This is the only way for us to guarantee highest satisfaction with our home and professional espresso machines as well as their accessories.

Standards higher than all expectations

Most espresso machine manufacturers source their parts from the same suppliers. But their quality did not meet our standards. We wanted things to be a little more perfect than perfect and maintain control over our components. Therefore, we started our own production.

Every part must be produced according to German Quality Standards which is achieved through strict quality control of all our components. We don’t see espresso machines as temporary partners, but rather as lifetime companions.

is Tradition

Our Bellezza selection from the espresso machines through coffee grinders and frothing pitchers to tamping stations are not only characterized by our top-notch design and high quality standards: Innovation and inventiveness play an at least equally important role in our house and have been lived with every brewing cycle since our founding.

This is continuously proven by our manufacturers.

Our Values

Community. Fan of each other. Cheering each other
on. We carry this over into every step of our
work, in our dealings with each other and our customers.

Tradition has to be learned.

The Bellezza Story.

We started as a family-owned coffee machine
producer in Heidelberg, Germany, and develop our
espresso machines right here in Germany.
Since 2021 we have been part of the VEA group.
The development of our German engineers is
moved now to Milano.
The machines not only meet the highest barista
standards – they exceed them.

Those who do not move with the times will be removed over time.”

Bellezza Espresso Machines
est. 2017

Exclusive espresso machines for roasters, baristas, & baristas at home.